“Jason has that rare quality in a teacher; the ability to inspire students. Teaching such a wide range of ages and abilities is not as easy as one might imagine but Jason is able to tailor the classes to meet all students’ needs, ensuring each one reaches their full potential. His enthusiasm for karate is infectious and motivates all his learners and his exceptional ability raises their aspirations; they want to achieve the same standard. During my career I have watched literally hundreds of lessons in a vast range of subjects and can honestly say that Jason’s teaching is truly outstanding.”   

Teaching and Learning Consultant / Lecturer in Education Studies   


“I have known Jason for over 5 years now. We first met when I Joined Karate.  I have asked Jason to help give lessons at the adult division of St John (ambulance training) in self defense and at first they did not know what was going to happen, but at the end of the night everybody was asking for more because they enjoyed it so much, (how he conducted the lesson so no one was left out, plus his serious but friendly approach to all).
The people who like the lessons the most at St John’s are the cadets. For two reasons number one they learn how to look after themselves. (Stranger danger and to respect others). The other is that the cadets get to see me get put in all of the moves.
I have lost count how many times I have used Jason to teach at cadets, but the cadets keep asking for him to come back. “

St. Johns Ambulance